Nowadays, job fields in Indonesia are not able to make people have a decent standard of living. College students as the agents of change have to continue to contribute to the progress and development of Indonesia. One way to make it happen is by sharpening the creativity of students in the field of entrepreneurship. Thus, students can improve Indonesian economy. In accordance to one of the missions of Universitas Brawijaya, which is to conduce students to have entrepreneurial spirit.

The Ministry of Economy under the auspices of the Student Executive Organization of Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB)) seeks to realize the mission by organizing a work program called “BAZAAR DAY 2017” which is expected to be able to grow and conduct the creativity of Faculty of Cultural Studies’ students in entrepreneurship.

In order to make it happen, Bazaar Day 2017 brings series of event: Entrepreneurship Seminar, PKMK/PMW Socialization, Entrepreneurship Training and the of peak of the event — “Bazaar Day 2017”. Entrepreneurship Seminar had been held on Saturday (23/9/2017) in the Hall of Building B FCS-UB. PKMK/PMW socialization had been held on Saturday (7/10/2017) in Room 1.1 Building A FCS-UB. Entrepreneurship Training had been held on Thursday (12/10/2017) in room 2.12 Building A FCS-UB. While the peak event of Bazaar Day 2017 will be held on Thursday (30/11 2017) at Boulevard of Building B FCS-UB.

For the peak of Bazaar Day 2017 event, at the beginning of the event, there will be an acoustic performance from FCS’ home band as the opening. After the completion of the opening, the event will be followed by interviews of PKMK and PMW participants and branding of tenant bazaar products. Then, there will be the performance of the Lingkar Theater. Next, it will be continued by games on the Peak Night, SONTE acoustic performance, dance performance from FDC, Free drink of 50 Indonesian Coffee, and Stand-up Comedy performance. The event will be closed by the announcement of the winners of PKM competition, tenants, and games. [BEM FIB/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB]

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