EDUCATION GATE or which is known as EDUGATE is a medium for new students to get to know the campus life, especially to know the study program further. The purpose of the EDUGATE 2016 is to give an introduction to the new students about campus life especially the one in English Language Education Study Program so that new students can adapt well, and hopefuly they can be intelligent students with noble character and having a sense of belonging to their study program, having pride and passion to build and establish the English Language Education Study Program even Faculty of Cultural Studies better. Moreover, through this event the new students are also expected to know more about their lecturers and senior students with the hope that the relationship between faculty members in the study program can be more harmonious.

Main Theme : Unite Our Soul in One Destiny

Sub Theme : Build Attitude with Kinship

Tagline : Together in Pride!

The main theme of  EDUGATE 2016; Unite Our Soul in One Destiny is chosen as it is meant to unite vision and mission of all English Language Education Program members for one purpose. With this theme it is expected that EDUGATE 2016 can facilitate communication among the new students and between the new students and their seniors as well as their lecturers. Thus, it is expected that students of the study program can actively take part in every activity held in Faculty of Cultural Studies, both academic and non-academic activities.

In addition, the sub theme of EDUGATE 2016 that is “Build Attitude with Kinship” is meant to build the students positive attitude based on a real feeling kinship as English Language Education Program is considered as a big family. Hopefully, the students’ positive attitude can be a role model among them; senior students should give a good example for their juniors. Thus, the seniors’ attitude can give big influence to the new students’ attitude.

EDUGATE 2016 tagline – Together in Pride! – is meant to motivate all members of English Language Education Program to gain pride together. EDUGATE 2016 is expected to be able to build atmosphere that each student is proud to be a family member of English Language Education Program, so that it makes the students of English Language Education Study Program becomes more unified and solid. Besides growing a feeling of being a family, EDUGATE 2016 is hoped to be able to bring the students who are not only proud of the family, but also can boast family pride – English Language Education Program pride.