The Management of Information Systems, Information Technology Infrastructure, and Public Relations Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (PSIK FCS UB) held a Website Management Training for the Study Programs of FCS UB on Monday (7/5/2021). The activity was carried out online through the Zoom and the Humasfibub YouTube channel. The training participants consisted of study programs web administrators, non-study programs web administrators, assigned internship students, and students association.

This web management training was held to provide direction and further information related to the main tasks of website management and the line of coordination between website administrators, internship students, and the student’s association as well as technical explanations related to the role of admins and authors.

Pelatihan Pengelolaan Website Program Studi FIB UB

At the training, participants were allowed to learn more about the website management through the material “Standardization of Website Management” by Ratno Wahyu Widyanto, S.T., and the material “WordPress Role” by Gema Adha Hermanenda, S.Kom.

The training was held not only to provide technical information related to web management but also to provide many other benefits, especially for the internship students.

“After participating in the training, we became motivated and enthusiastic in doing the internship. Explanations related to job descriptions, performance targets, and how to manage the website help us as interns to hone our creativity in writing articles and help us to better manage our time to achieve the target,” said Reva Caesar, one of the trainees. [FKQ/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]