The Study Programme of Japanese Literature (SPJL) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Japanese event in two consecutive days on 11-12 February 2023. The event entitled Isshoni Tanoshimimashou (abbreviated “IT”) which means “Let’s have fun together!”.

Now, IT has entered its 17th event. This event is regularly held every year. Before, IT 16th was carried out online due to a pandemic and in this year IT 17th was held semi-offline. Even so, the festival was crowded with visitors at the area of Building A FCS UB.

Although the festival day was rainy, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the organizers, participants, and visitors to continue the festival successfully and lively.


IT 17 Day-1, What’s Up?

On the first day of the event, Saturday (2/11/2023), the focus was on Japanese-related competitions in both academic and non-academic fields in which high school, university, and general-level students participated. Competitions held were Quiz, Kanji, Shodou, and many more. There were competitions in non-academic fields such as Cosplay, Karaoke, and Fan-Art.

In addition, on the first day, various attractions also opened, such as obake yashiki, yukata photo booth, games, and omikuji which the tickets were still affordable. Enjoying the activities, could be an alternative refreshment from the regular life activities.

Announcement of Competition Winners and Prizes Awarding by the Chief Executive in the FCS Hall on Saturday (2/11/2023)

In day 1 afternoon, the announcement of the competition winners and awarding of the prizes from each competition took place. Congratulations to all the winners, hopefully participating in IT 17 competitions will provide benefits for the future. For those who haven’t been lucky, there’s no need to be discouraged because there are still many years to have next IT festivals. Please try the Isshoni Tanoshimimashou next year!


HTM and Guest Stars

Performance of the Cosplay Guest Star, @jetsukii on Sunday (12/2/2023)

The second day was the highlight of the event which was enlivened by guest stars and performances by students of SPJL FCS UB through Omikoshi and Japanese dance, Bon Odori, and Gion Matsuri as the hallmark of the event. Tickets for the show were divided into two categories, sale (20k) and pre-sale (15k) and tickets were sold out.

With these affordable ticket prices, visitors could see performances from cosplay guest stars @anggorodwi22 @jetsukii as well as performances from @nunur_fitri and @reza_cosmaker. Moreover, there were also performances by bands from Hyakkushiki, Baby Metal Malang, Kiseki, and Seaberry.


The Peak of IT 17 Event Day-2

The Excitement of the IT 17 Event was Crowded with Visitors

The second day of IT 17 was held on Sunday (2/12/2023). The gate opened at 9 a.m. The event was opened by the MC along with remarks from the Head of SPJL FCS UB, and the Chief Executive of IT 17. Next, there were performances from SPJL FCS UB kurabu-kurabu (clubs) such as yosakoi, kendo, ganoko, cosplay, and others. There were also mini-games along the shows. The highlight of IT 17 was closed with a performance from which was very lively as evidenced by the full crowd in front of the stage.

Performance from Yosakoi and Shoudou Kurabu on Sunday (2/12/2023)

Food and Beverage Bazaar Stand in Building A FCS Area

Cute and unique characters merchandise made by students of SPJL FCS UB was sold in many booths within the area of the festivals, in the library area in front of Building A FCS, with price ranging from IDR 5k to 25k. When visitors feel thirsty or hungry, they did not need to worry about leaving campus because IT 17 provided food and beverage booths which were also located in front of Building A FCS UB with the route provided. [trans.dts/ed.vidya/PR FCS]