In taking college, we will face various kinds of problems and challenges, from personal to academic problems. in striving for the future, we go through the learning process at the university. We certainly need enthusiasm and positive energy to deal with all of that.

One of the challenges experienced by almost all students is the difficulty of completing a thesis. This is also quite common and you are certainly not alone in experiencing problems in this field. To help students overcome this problem, the Study Programme of English Literature (SPEL) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) opened a Thesis Clinic.

This programme was formed to assist students in completing their thesis. In this activity, students who have taken their thesis are gathered with the lecturers. Then students expressed their thoughts and any problems with the lecturers. Through this activity, it is hoped that lecturers and students understand and help each other to find solutions to finish theses faster.

One of the problems that are quite often experienced by students is a mismatch between students and thesis supervisors. Students can pour their complaints through this programme. This clinic also provides a solution to contact the department to propose exchange for their thesis supervisors. When there is no progress in a year, the students can have another oportunity to finish thesis with new supervisor.

In addition, the Thesis Clinic also provides solutions for students who experience problems with incompatibility with the chosen title. If students experience problems wanting to change the title, they can coordinate with their supervisor again. Then if students are confused about how to do an extension, the thesis can be extended through SISO (Online Thesis Information System).

This activity was held on Friday (27/1/2023) and succeeded in providing answers to the problems faced by students who were undergoing their thesis. Therefore, if you are a student who has problems working on your thesis, the Thesis Clinic will always be there to help you. [SPEL/dts/vidya/PR FCS]